KeyLemon 2.0

KeyLemon is a program that uses face recognition as password checking
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KeyLemon is a program that uses face recognition as password checking. If you have a webcam connected to your computer, you can create a face model that the computer will store. After that, KeyLemon will replace the manual input of a key with a simple verification of your face through the web cam against the stored face model. If the face in front of the cam doesn't match the image stored, your computer will remain blocked. When you finish installing the program, the system will be rebooted. After doing so, a Wizard will be launched. It will establish your face's model in five simple steps. Once done, by default, KeyLemon will check if you're in front of your PC after an inactivity of 10 seconds. This can be, of course, disabled or modified. The program will place an icon on the tray bar, that you can double click to access its features. You can launch the Face Model Wizard whenever you want, change the webcam you will be using, delete or adapt your profile, enable or disable windows Login through KeyLemon or change your KeyLemon theme (only in the registered version).

Daniel Ángel Romero
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